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Backflow Prevention

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Backflow Prevention


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Back-Flow Prevention

Back-flow Protection is a big part of the service that Burton and Sons plumbing provides for our customers. From small anti siphon devices on hose spigots to huge devices on fire protections lines. We test, service, and install devices that protect your water supply from contamination. For more information on what back-flow is and how to prevent it please click here

Most municipalities require annual testing of devices in commercial establishments by certified testers. The State of Michigan requires that People who test and service back-flow preventers be State certified. We at Burton and Sons have on staff 4 Technicians who have attended and graduated the required training to become state certified in back-flow prevention. We are proud of our training and expertise in this field.

Last year alone we have tested or serviced over 350 devices in communities of the Detroit area. What inspires people to call Burton and Sons for their back-flow prevention services?

  • Our expertise in this field. We have been servicing installing and testing devices since 1984.  Our founder, Al Burton, first saw a need for this service and became one of the first to become state certified. 

  • We track your history on computers so that your information is available at all times. This also allows us to remind you when your next test is due long before the state sends you the letter that your late.

  • We are familiar with all the different requirements that vary by community. We currently have 6 different forms that different governing bodies want their test report on. Can you imagine that our government would be this unorganized? Also different governing bodies have different interpretations of the code requirements.  But I guess that s how we got so many different religions out of one  "Good Book".  But not to fear we, at Burton and Sons pretty much know who wants what, when and how

  • We can at your request handle the mailing of completed tests to the proper authorities or provide you with the paper work to forward yourselves.

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