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Any home that is over 40 years old, chances are it contains water lines constructed of galvanized steel. The galvanizing process was supposed to stop the steel from rusting. And it did for a while. But now the galvanizing process has broken down and the steel pipes are rusting shut and developing leak.

We at Burton and Sons have changed over thousands of homes that once contained galvnized steel and now contain bright new copper. We performed so many of these operations that we used to be known as the re-pipe kings. The demand has lessened somewhat as we have performed this operation throught-oput the city and neighboring cities also.

Still today we come across piping systems that still contain the old steel pipes. We are usually called out for a problem with the water pressure or leaks coming form the joints to pin holes right in the pipes themselves.

A complete repipe is the best way to handle this problem. We start at the wateer meter and change every water line even to the outside spigots.

We use top quality brass ball valves for emergency shut-offs. These are easy to turn and 1/4 turn is all it take to turn on or off.. We replace supply tubes with braided stainless steel to ensure no future leaking.

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