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Greg H

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Greg H


Plumber residential, commercial

Service Tech Greg H.

He works in both the heating and the plumbing side of the business and is still not sure which he would like to specialize in; maybe he will turn out like his father and specialize in both.
Greg has worked closely with all our other technicians and has proven to be a very quick learner. Greg has received over 12 hours of safety training as we make safety a high priority at Burton and Sons. Greg feels comfortable working on faucets, toilets, sinks, disposers, water heaters, drains and drain cleanings, gas piping and sump pumps.
His hard work and energy makes him the most requested technician to perform operations that require the removal of cement floors to repair broken pipes. 

One of his favorite jobs is to re-pipe a whole house; remove all the galvanized plumbing and replace it with new copper and solid brass ball-valves.


  • Greg's favorite food is lobster.
  • When watching TV, he turns on the sports channel.
  • When not working, he likes to hunt, fish, and loves spending time with his daughter, Nevaeh, & son, Spencer.
  • Greg likes working for Burton & Sons because he thinks the employees are great.

Local Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 36 customer reviews

Map of Livonia, MI

This is why I switched to Burton & Sons

Greg was courteous, helpful and answered all of my questions. His A/C maintenance check was thorough and comprehensive. My family has used Burton & Sons with high recommendation. I give them a five-star rating, too!

Map of Westland, MI


Greg was great very informative. We had him out for A/C cleaning. They also do plumbing so he looked at one of our toilets gave us a few ideas. I’m a new homeowner I really like this company.

Map of Garden City, MI

Always great service

Would recommend Burton's to everyone. They explain everything they are doing and I've never had any issues.

Map of Garden City, MI

Great service

Quick scheduling for service, and good thorough technician.

Map of Westland, MI

Very Informative

Received an estimate for furnace replacement. Technician was professional, polite and very thorough when explaining installation process. Was strongly considering using Burton until the recommended furnace size was too large for the space. Current furnace is 58,000 BTU but recommended replacement of 70,000 BTU. Felt like recommendation is oversell. Another HVAC installer recommended same size as current furnace so they got the sale.

Map of Wayne, MI

Thank You

Map of Dearborn Heights, MI

High quality service

Greg is very knowledgeable with regard to customer service, and physically appears as an experienced professional.

Map of Brownstown Charter Township, MI

Professional and friendly service.

Greg did a very thorough and professional job. I will ask for him the next time I need a service.

Map of Romulus, MI

Great service

Great service

Map of Livonia, MI


It was really great to know that in these days there are honest companies or aren't out to rip you off Burton & Sons Incorporated Plumbing Heating and Cooling is one of those companies congratulations guys on great work and caring

5 Star Service

Our family was living with NO Heat for over 24 hours in freezing weather conditions. Burton & Sons not only came over to our Home ASAP but, went above & beyond EXCELLENT Professional Service!! Thanks to GREG We are warm and cozy for the winter months ahead. Thank you.


Great Service!! As always!

Super job!great service from tech

Great service from techs to office staff & follow up from Alan

Excellent professional/ honest company

Have to say I'm glad I found this company. They are honest and know their stuff. After spending a lot of money hiring several companies to solve my drain flies issues and being told many different things; Greg was quick to find the issue and help us. If you want professional and honest company I highly recommend Burton & Sons.

Great Service!

Great Experience

Greg and Todd were awesome. Very happy to deal with either one of them again.

The Best Service Ever!!!

This company has the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service I have ever experienced. My water heater was replaced quickly at a price I could afford. Thank you to everyone.

Great Service

Fast, efficient, super friendly customer service. Came out the same day we called. Greg the technician was friendly and efficient, work area was totally cleaned up which was awesome! Pricing was competitive. Unit is excellent..we would definitely use them again if we had any heating and cooling needs.


So appreciative of the service fellows. Great work, very clean and knowledgeable!!

Fast service!!!

Same day with 1st phone call & service to replace the leaking water heater tank with a newer water heater model (Brand name: "State") and we had to update with today's safer building code to replace the exhaust pipe to the roof top at my home. :)

5 Star ***** Company & Serivce

Oh yes, it does give me pleasure to award a 5 star rating to Burton & Son's. In particular "GREG". He seems to sense my frustration over losing my AC on these humid days, and he went right to work searching for the problem. He was very polite and answered all my questions without hesitation. In less than 20 minutes he found the problem and fixed it! It was such a simple fix, but something I'd never have thought of. I’d like to tell you honestly I had called another company – “Family Heating & Cooling” . Imagine my disappointment when the office girl informed me their technician couldn’t be out here until NEXT Friday the 26th! (That’s 10 days!) Even after I told her, both my husband and I have COPD. She gave no preference. My husband searched for the last check we paid to get the AC fixed 5 yrs ago. We recalled we were pleased with the work. It was Burton & Sons!! I called them and I was almost shocked when the young lady told me, “I can have a technician out there TODAY, before 5 o’clock” . I couldn’t give her my information quick enough!! I didn’t even tell her of our medical conditions of COPD. So this was a ‘straight up-no-punches-pulled’ appointment! It was a pleasure to call “Family” and tell them to cancel my appointment, because I’ve found someone BETTER!! I was wondering if it’s possible to have a few of your cards to pass on to any of my neighbors, I live in a Condominium complex and each one has an AC… perhaps future business for you. In the meantime I can use ‘word of mouth’ to spread the good information about Burton & Son’s. In your mailings can you include our complex? Almost forgot… Burton also agreed to let my daughter pay, she lives in Saline, either by check or Credit Card over the phone! How great is that? Thank you VERY much. I can’t sing your praises loud enough!!

Great service, very high price

Greg did a great job and was very professional. But as a couple in our 60's we just can't afford what worked out to about $200 an hour..

Great Service. Really appreciate his extra effort!

Greg did an excellent job and I appreciate the extra effort and candor on areas that needed to be fixed. What started as a small job became more extensive due to the age of the plumbing. He was great!



Exceptional Service

I really appreciate the expedited service. You guys are awesome!

Good work

Quality service

Service is outstanding.

I was very pleased with the great price we received on our furnace and air conditioner. Greg and his team were very efficient and explained the units well.

excellencent service and great deal


Burton and Sons # ONE!!!!

I had someone come out on Monday April 13 to install a hot water tank. I didn't call Burton and Sons :(. This is when the disaster started. I get so nervous when ever any kind of work needs to be done and especially if it is a younger man trying to do it and look like he knows what he is doing! So I tend to try and figure out a way that either I can do it or I decide that it just isn't something that I can do and then dreadfully resort to calling someone to do it. Installing hot water tanks has not been on the list of things that I have done in my life. Even though that list is several pages long so I am used to "Just doing it myself". This way I can rest because I know that someone didn't get their paws into the job and screw it up just to get it done and over with. I feel that most people today are out there just to make the money regardless of how they do the job. Because of this I don't trust many people if any at all... Years ago my Dad told me that if I ever wanted anything to be done correctly that I would need to do it my self. Well I have grown up with that exact statement ingrained in my mind. People have told me that a woman grows up to be their Mother. This may be true but I have inherited my Dads genes and his words are etched into my mind... So back to this past Monday.. I won't bore you with the details but the guy who was suppose to install my new hot water tank had started working on the old tank in getting it out etc. After standing there watching him and wanting top cry I then could feel my blood pressure rising and I feared that I was going to explode... The only thing I could do was to leave the room and go and hide in another room with my dogs and shut the door and let my husband stand there and watch the catastrophe happen. Unfortunately being that he didn't know what was going on it didn't bother him too much. It turned out to be more than a disaster in my mind and that night I lay in bed wondering why I ever even allowed these people to come out here and cause me this much grief. There were things that got broken and an accident that happened and I was ready for the rope over the rafters and it wasn't to hang a clothes line... After having a horrible night of nightmares about this whole ordeal on Monday, the next morning I decided to call Burton and Sons! This is who I should have called in the first place. But someone said "No call this guy blah blah blah..." So I called and when I got the sweet lady (sorry I can't remember her name) who answered the phone and listened to her introduced herself and the company I thought "Holy Cow" !!!! My day was starting a lot brighter and I knew everything would be alright after talking to her and having her tell me that someone would be out that afternoon.... I thought whew!!!! Too bad every day couldn't start this nicely. Oh! Before I go any further ... in case your beginning to think that I am some nut or that this is one of those hokey letters of recommendation that are fake, believe me when I tell you that this is not fake. This is real and if people out there were not so strange I would list my phone number so you could call and ask questions about the service tech. and the work that he and his apprentice did. When they arrived I knew again that everything was going to be just fine.. The guys were the most polite, considerate and I could tell that they both had a head of intelligence.... I was so happy. They introduced themselves and asked how we were!!!! Not like the normal service call where the guy will say "HI! I am here to look at your whatever ...where is it?" Well I'll tell you where it is at buddy!!! Anyway at first I thought that these two guys from Burton and Sons, Greg and Mitchell were still happy and excited from having the Easter Bunny visit them. But this was not the situation here. They were actually very interested in what I had to say and my husband too. They were so kind, Soooo Polite!!!!! and they were considerate of everything that was ours so that I never had to worry about running and hiding in the back bedroom with my dogs. My home isn't a luxurious mansion but that didn't matter to them. They treated both of us and our belongings as though it was a show room full of expensive furniture and treasured belongings. It was incredible.... I felt like I was reborn into another place, seriously!!!! and I didn't have to worry about anything for as long as they were here or afterwards. I knew that with the knowledge that Greg had that this was one project that would be done perfectly and completed just like I would of done it had I been able to. I didn't have to worry myself sick and be scared of what would happen next!" I will NEVER call any other company when I need to have a job done and done correctly!!!!! I didn't have to do it myself either!!! Thanks so very much Greg and Mitchell for being so kind and considerate and for doing such a fabulous job!!! These are attributes that not many people have any more. I appreciated you so much and like I said if It wouldn't have looked so goofy I would have hugged both of you for being fantastic workers and individuals. You are true professionals and both of you need to be commended... I also want to thank the ladies that I spoke to on the phone when I called the company. I wish you all were my sisters or at least a part of my family. Life would be worth living with sweet attitude like all three of you have. Sorry I don't remember names except for Kelsey whom I spoke to when I called after the job was completed. Thank you so much for your kindness and concern.... I so appreciate this from each of you... Once more I will say that this story is true. I didn't get paid to write it, I am NOT an employee of this company and if you don't believe me about what I have said here I feel sorry for you because you will be missing out on a wonderful, happy and professional day in your otherwise hectic life. Thank you again !!!! Very sincerely, Barbara Canton Michigan

Really great service and professionalism!!

Great service

Great service

Great service! Your associate was very knowledgeable and friendly. He explained and showed me everything he did even let my cat George help him! You have an excellent employee

Replace hot water tank

We called Burton in the morning and by early afternoon we had out hot water tank replaced and had hot water again. Our technician Greg is a bright young man, very professional, and answered all our questions, he did an outstanding job installing our hot water tank, and left everything clean as a whistle when he left. We highly recomend this company,

great service

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